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by Oh Pacific

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released June 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Oh Pacific Bendigo, Australia

We are a 4 piece Alternative/Grunge Rock band, hailing from Bendigo, living in melbourne.

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Track Name: Sworn To Secrecy
Its obvious you feel regret when a certain fear won't pull you into line and stop your mind from making the wrong decision. But still its amazing
how a mind like yours and the way your body talks still feels right.
Ill stay up till the sunrise to make sure your alone tonight.
And even though it felt so wrong i know that to you it felt right, it was just your conscience.
So we'll sleep alone tonight.
Pack your bags attach yourself to a red pen cause we're sworn to secrecy.
And we'll construct a poem to entice every reader, in confidence. It will allow us to breathe.
But will you hold me down?
Its kind of like a thousand fires burning out of control, yet I'm still in awe on how it can help us to move along.
Now i'm all torn up and now your all moved on, but secretly there's a moment we can't forget and we're home.
Track Name: The Summer
The bright street lights clutter up the road and i know its far from inviting but i know i still see you around.
Bite your tongue, I'll print a picture of the sun, I'll put it in a frame the rest is now in your hands
The end of February felt cold but to you and I with the summer on side we let the drama do the talking.
So now lets rearrange ourselves from biggest to small. We see the open door now lets close it.
So we'll keep the curtain closed, and now we'll celebrate the fact that we will pull it off with a smile.
Lets pack your car with memories and empty photo albums.
We'll set our sights on city lights and take our time to fill them.
Track Name: Smile n Wave
Baby tie up your shoes cause we're dancing 'til we cant dance no more.
(you'll see, you'll see when your
wondering why the weather's getting better)

And stranger, compare us to who you want cause we're drinking
until the sun expects us home
(you'll see, you'll see when we're
face first hoping that we dont get called it)

Say what you want because we're not gonna listen.

You're sitting proud while im singing
I cant stop smiling, wow you're all so pretty.
Well we've got some time to kill.

Mother, its getting later but I'm not going to be home
until you get your curfew too
(you'll see, you'll see when your wondering why I'm still getting older)

And Father, the kids that you raised are getting wiser,
but you wait till they see you shine
(you'll see, you'll see when they're all caught up on where i am or where I'm singing)

You're sitting proud while I'm singing
i cant stop smiling, wow you're all so pretty.
Well we've got some time to kill.

You're all blind but we're understanding.
And for what its worth I'm happy
when we hear your voices
chanting the words to the chorus you know the most
(Lets make this the night we wont forget so raise your glass and make this last).